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Sleeping Sweet Peas​

What is a Newborn Care Specialist?
Let the certified professionals at sleeping sweet pea provide you with that helping hand.
Our Certified Newborn Care Specialist's at Sleeping Sweet Pea's have the highest priority to bring relief to the lives of exhausted, overwhelmed parents.
Sleeping sweet peas will establish a good scheduling and feeding routine in your home by working through the night, which will help your baby to sleep extended periods of time.
Within a 12 week period sleeping sweet peas can have your baby sleeping up to 12 hours, a night.
Your sleep time is valuable for both yourself and the baby. Let us help you now!
Sleeping sweet peas! Your certified newborn care specialists in Phoenix, Arizona

" The best gift you can give your baby is a good nights sleep"

"As most Mom's I was sleep deprived and exhausted.  I could have sworn someone took my baby and swapped him for a new one.  My whole life changed after I worked with Summer". Courtenay Betz  New York, NY